**** Application for guild enrollment: ****

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**** Application for guild enrollment: ****

Post  Wildgirl on Sat Apr 04, 2009 7:36 pm

The forum is a means to apply for the Guild one post must be made by all new members, upon acceptance, giving the toon names, modes, and levels in Silent and Violent so other members can see what toon associates to another. No other post must be made, but is encouraged. Information is on the forum for your benefit. Before you fill out the application and submit it make sure you read the Rules of Silent and Violent. Be sure to answer all questions in your post.

1. User name? and name of toon you are putting into guild.

2. Who referred you to Silent and Violent guild?

3. Age?

4. Why us?

5. Other guild affiliations?

6. Have you read and do you understand the rules of SaV?
SaV Rules

* Note: A message may/will be sent to referral member of SaV to make sure this information is correct before member approval. Upon submitting this application you agree that you are in compliance with the terms of service for AeriaGames/Shaiya and the terms of conduct for Silent and Violent.

** Make sure to go to the Guild Manager in Gliter and put yourself on the waiting list so if you are accepted we can add you to the guild.

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Re: **** Application for guild enrollment: ****

Post  justin_kile on Tue Jun 23, 2009 9:07 am

What's the name of the toon you're applying with so we can accept it? Also, don't forget to apply for the forum and put up a toons list under the members section whenever things get rolling. Thanks, and welcome
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